By cutting down on consumption and getting further use out of stuff we already have, we can do something for our planet. 

Amy Delson Jewelry Necklaces up-cycled from earrings  

Up-cycling not only helps our environment, it provides hidden value to your wardrobe. For whatever reasons, sentimental or otherwise, most people keep a collection of broken jewelry. Taking a lost earring mate and turning it into the focal point of a custom necklace is something I love to do for clients. By adding beads or a chain, it’s a way of recycling something into a piece they love to wear. This works with talismans, charms, pendants…anything that we can build around.

 Amy Delson Jewelry Upcycled NecklacesAmy Delson Jewelry Refurbished Earrings Labradorite Bracelet and Earring Set Upcycled by Amy Delson Jewelry

Sometimes people tell me they love all the ADJ but they already have so much jewelry, they don’t need anything new. Refurbishing, reworking or repurposing elements from your own closet can lead to new jewelry adventures.

Broken earrings turned by Amy Delson into a new necklace set 

Repurposing Scrap Material

One of my Made in NYC colleagues who owns his family business, Rainbow Leather, was generous enough to share with me some scraps from textured and embellished leathers they’d created. Out of excess material, I was able to envision and bring to life new designs.

Scrap Leather  Up-cycled Leather Necklace by Amy Delson

     Leather Lightning Bolt Necklace by Amy Delson

There’s also a resource called Fabscrap where you can either purchase scrap material by weight, or earn free material by volunteering as a sorter at their Brooklyn Navy Yard warehouse. This place processes and recycles excess samples and textiles from the fashion industry and can be a source of fabric, leather, sample garments, buttons and more. I use these pieces to make bag charms and other accessories.

Scrap material from Fabscrap Amy Delson Jewelry Bag Charm Amy Delson Jewelry Up-cycled Bag Charms




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