Hold a stone. Feel its coolness, its warmth, texture, airiness or density. The properties of the molecules composing the stone can synergize with your biorhythm. A sense of calmness, a cleansing energy channeling into your body at the point of contact with the stone, can permeate your being. This experience is possible for anyone open to it. How do I know?

At three or four years old, I remember sifting through pebbles cushioning our slide at preschool to find a perfectly smooth circle, oval or egg shaped stone that fit perfectly in my hand. The bliss of holding that treasure took root.

At Duke University, when I was studying and writing research papers that required productive focus, an Amethyst stone that ergonomically fit in my hand brought me the clarity to efficiently communicate and absorb information.

Wearing gems as jewelry keeps the power of these stones close to heart.

As I source my materials, I’m drawn to the qualities of beauty and energy that have captivated people since our most ancient civilizations. Some inspiring examples of ancient gemstone jewelry are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

 Ancient gemstone jewelry displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC Amethyst and flourite gemstone jewelry displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtAncient gemstone beads for jewelry displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Ancient turquoise and gemstone jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The world exists with its earthly composition offering up long revered treasures which today I use in my pieces: Agate, Amethyst, Carnelian, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz and more flow through my collections so that their positive properties can illuminate the wearer in her own personal way.

Gemstone Jewelry by Amy Delson

History and meaning make ADJ pieces so valuable and significant. A useful resource I recommend is The Book of Stones, Who they are and What they Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Here are some of the qualities that over time have been derived from the stones used in Amy Delson Jewelry:


Stabilizing, strengthening and grounding


Protects, purifies, aids understanding


Courageousness, confidence and action


Emotional and spiritual healing and alignment


Grounding, focus and cohesiveness of thought


Intuition, understanding, freedom


Strength, vitality, stability and healing


Balance, calm energy, tranquility


Transformation, self-worth, protection

Lapis Lazuli

Inner vision, truthful communication and royal virtues


Protection, health, leadership and creativity


Inner growth, calmness, love


Inner strength, willpower, discipline and reason


Persistence, confidence, action and creativity


Amplification, programmability, cleansing and memory

Tiger Eye

Fairness, balance, strength, practicality


Expansion of spirit and communication bringing wholeness






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