Layering Trend - Ancient Origins

I'm loving the current trend of layering necklaces, mixing a choker with gradually longer chains or beaded talismans and amulets. Here's proof that women in ancient times had the same idea.

We have a portrait of a woman contained in a bust from a tomb at Palmyra on the border of the Roman province of Syria. From 250 BC to 230 AD, there were strong trading contacts between the East and West, which influenced fashion and prosperity. Families in the caravan city of Palmyra benefited richly, as evidenced by this woman's bountiful chains, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair ornamentation and crowns.⁠

Source Book: 7000 Years of Jewelry, edited by Hugh Tait

Woman from Palmyra 250 BC

Here are two of my own favorite looks layering ADJ pieces

Amy Delson wearing layered necklaces she created

Amy Delson demi fine jewelry layered necklaces

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