Amy Delson Jewelry

Flora - Enamel Flower Necklace

Handmade Enamel Floral Necklace

Sterling Silver Setting

Sterling Silver 20" Rolo chain with lobster clasp

Adjustable length at closure

One of a kind

Made with Love in NYC


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How to care for your necklace:

  • It's a good idea to put jewelry on last, and then take it off first thing
  • Do not wear in water, whether showering or bathing
  • Don't expose to perfume, oil, or lotion
  • Avoid excessive sweat while wearing
  • Store away from moisture
  • Use polishing cloth to restore shine

Champlevé Enamel

Creative Process

"I found these beautiful Art Nouveau style organic floral illustrations in an adult coloring book. Through the Fashion Institute of Technology I was able to transfer the design to a copper sheet which was etched in an acid bath to create the indentations for my enamel application. I sawed out sections, and then packed in the powdered enamel colors. Firing it in a kiln at 1500 degrees, transforming the powder tints to glass, is an exhilarating process."

~ Amy

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