Metal Metamorphosis

In the dazzling world of Amy Delson Jewelry, creativity and sustainability harmoniously intertwine to create not just exquisite adornments, but also a profound commitment to our precious planet.

Did you know here at ADJ, I recycle my scraps and reuse that metal in new pieces? It's one of my favorite activities to do at the bench, and it comes as a big reward for collecting every snippet of excess sterling silver sawed off in the fabrication process. Over time, a corner here, a strip there, adds up. Rather than purchasing new material, I can save money and be ecologically responsible while transforming garbage into treasure. 

Amy Delson recycles metal in her jewelry designs

The trick is to preset a charcoal block with an indentation on one side, created by scraping out a portion with a spoon. I then pile up the metal pieces and stack them, ready to be melted by my torch. It's a powerful feeling, creating molten metal from waste and forming it into future heirlooms. 

Once hot enough, the individual silver pieces form together into a glowing circular blob of liquified metal. After it cools, I can send the metal through a rolling mill to flatten it into a sheet of desired thickness. To prevent cracking, the metal has to be annealed (reheated) and made malleable in between successive pressings. 

Molten metal as Amy Delson recycles her materials

Another option is to form metal into wire, by sending it through a grooved rolling mill. I did this with gold when making an ancient style loop in loop chain from scratch. In this case, I created an elongated cut into the charcoal block and formed it into something that could be stretched/pulled further as it was pressed. 

Amy Delson recycles gold metal to form into future heirlooms

By utilizing recycled metals, each piece of jewelry not only exudes a unique charm but also plays a pivotal role in reducing waste and conserving our Earth's precious resources. The brilliance of ADJ creations extends beyond aesthetics, as every purchase becomes a testament to the power of sustainable choices, ensuring that elegance walks hand in hand with a greener, more vibrant world.

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