Ombré Opulence Collection Comes to Life

What's the story behind my new collection?

One-of-a-kinds and limited edition designs are what I've created for a decade. Loving that you're wearing something unique ads to its allure, but what if you want to carry the experience forward to others?

"People always ask me," I'd hear from clients and friends, "'Who made this piece and where can I buy it?'"

Scaling and being able to share my designs with a deeper audience has always been a milestone goal. Exploring fabrications with soldering, forging, wax carving and stone setting, I've always recycled and reused my metal, often applying rare upcycled components. Over time, my honed skills evolved into the creation of a core collection that can now be interchangeable and scalable. 

 Forged Silver Prototypes by Amy DelsonEarly prototypes using forging technique 

Amy Delson Jewelry forged bangles 

 My wax carving - the original four stone pendant inspirationAmy Delson wax carving for four stone pendant

Early gemstone pendants by Amy Delson

I worked with a CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer to translate my tangible forms (created at the bench) into digital files. From these, molds with my ADJ maker's mark were created and then rough castings generated in sterling silver. (*We can make these in solid gold upon special request.*)

Rough castings of Amy Delson's Ombré Opulence Collection Back of Amy Delson two stone pendant


To keep my core collection accessibly priced, while maintaining the highest quality, versatility and chicness, I've chosen to offer 18k gold Vermeil*. This is a better and more durable process than simply plating. It requires the base to be solid sterling silver, and the gold layer to be a minimum of 10k and 2.5 microns thick. I wanted these pieces to be wearable in water and not loose luster over time.  Amy Delson two stone pendants


Gemstones are an integral part of my favorite jewelry. They carry energetic qualities that soothe, calm and ground you, or give you vitality and propel you forward, based on their elemental composition. A visual pop of color engages the senses and brings meaning to the pieces you choose to wear each day. 

For this collection, I chose two gradients, one warm and one cool, of accessible luxury genuine gemstones. 

Cool and warm colorways in gemstones by Amy Delson   Ombre Opulence Collection by Amy Delson pendants

Blue Topaz aids communication, clear thought and self confidence. Amethyst helps purify and calm, and reduce stress. Garnet signifies trust, friendship and love, and aids circulation. Citrine represents optimism and positivity. Using London, Swiss and Sky Blue Topaz, as well as light to medium dark Orange Citrines achieves the ombré effect, anchored in my two favorite shades, Purple Amethyst and Red Garnet. 

Amy Delson wears her Ombre Opulence Collection bangles

I'm passionate about supporting local NYC artisans and the fashion industry here, so all of the production not done personally by my hand occurs in the jewelry district with relationships cultivated over the years. My casting house uses recycled metals, and my gems are traceable and of superb quality. 

Amy Delson filing a rough casting of a toggle clasp

Sustainable and meaningful gems are the core of Amy Delson Jewelry. I hope you enjoy collecting my newest offering!


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Love these gorgeous pieces!

Jen August 15, 2023

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