Ancient Jewelry Symbolism

The meaning of the symbolism in the jewels we wear is something we've treasured about our jewelry since ancient times. In Egypt, we see beautiful examples of bracelets worn on the upper arm bearing symbols in the form or hieroglyphics meaning: "life, joy, protection." These sentiments, not unlike inscriptions on our own contemporary jewelry, were incorporated into the clasp as the focal point of the piece. ⁠

Motto clasps close with a mechanism on the back of the jewel, as shown in the bracelets of Princess Sat-Hathor-Yunet, dating around 1887-1813 BCE, Egypt, El-Lahun.

Drawing of ancient jewelry clasp

Ancient jewelry clasp

Source: Book: Clasps, 4,000 Years of Fasteners in Jewellery by Anna Tabakhova⁠

Wishing you Lifelong Peace, Protection, and Joy!⁠

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