Since launching Amy Delson Jewelry a decade ago, I've been blessed to work with and support a number of non-profit organizations that are improving our world. Women's health, success and productive community are paramount to me, and whenever I can donate proceeds from sales or create a custom gem to help a worthy cause, I love to participate.

A sampling of some key collaborations:

Save a Child's Heart, an Israel-based organization that makes life saving heart operations possible to children from developing countries all over the world, has hosted a number of Shop Your Heart Out events in NYC that I have been able to show, sell and contribute towards.

Amy Delson SACH Shop Your Heart Out Save a Child's Heart

Amy Delson at Save A Child's Heart Shop Your Heart Out event 

Shop Your Heart Out events held in NYC gave me a chance to interact with supporters of SACH and contribute a portion of my sales to the organization.

Amy Delson Jewelry Raffle Prize for SACH I created a SACH themed one of a kind necklace using Turquoise hearts and Agates to be raffled off at a fundraising event, and Serena was the lucky winner!

Winner of Amy Delson Jewelry Necklace

Nomi Network  is a nonprofit aimed at empowering women and girls in developing countries, getting them out of the exploitation of human trafficking and giving them training, development and safe employment. 

I created a one of a kind Nomi necklace using Carnelian and Agate stones.

I created a one of a kind Nomi Neclace using Carnelian and Agate stones, along with Onyx and Tigers Eye beads. The piece was raffled off to benefit the organization at a NYC fundraising event.

Amy Delson at Nomi Network benefit where she created a one of a kind necklace to benefit the organization

Nomi Network bags hand created by empowered women across the globe.

These bags were hand created by the empowered women of Nomi Network across the globe.

Stray from the Heart helps place orphaned dogs in loving forever homes. To help raise money for the organization, I created a limited edition custom bracelet featuring theme colors and a logo stamped talisman that was sold during the holidays. Proceeds were donated to help rescue and place more pups. 

Stray from the Heart custom bracelet created by Amy Delson Jewelry.

Custom Stray from the Heart bracelet designed by Amy Delson

Stackable bracelets featuring Amy Delson's custom made Stray from the Heart bracelet

Batey Girls is a nonprofit that empowers women and girls to escape the human tracking trade in the Dominican Republic. These women create beautiful jewelry featuring Larimar, a rare blue stone that is responsibly found only in the Barahona mountain region of the DR.

Cuff featuring Larimar, Amethyst and Green Garnet created by Amy Delson 

I created a capsule collection of cuffs featuring Larimar and other gemstones including Green Garnet, Amethyst and Rose Quartz to be sold to benefit the Batey women at a fundraising event in NYC. 

Custom cuffs by Amy Delson featuring Larimar, Amethyst, Green Garnet and Rose Quartz

I am always open to hearing how I can collaborate with organizations to make a positive impact. Feel free to directly contact me to explore working together.