Amy Delson Jewelry

Clover - Gemstone Earrings

Lucky clover talismans, handmade in NYC

Turquoise, Rose Quartz and Lemon Chrysoprase quatrefoils for good fortune

Gemstone beads

Black Czechoslovakian glass beads

Drops 2" 

Hypoallergenic ear wire

Gift boxed

A token of luck


Free Shipping orders over $100


How to care for your earrings:

It's a good idea to put jewelry on last, and then take it off first thing

Do not wear in water, whether showering or bathing

Don't expose to perfume, oil, or lotion

Avoid excessive sweat while wearing

Store away from moisture

Creative Process

"I was inspired by the elusive lucky four leaf clover. When I discovered the clover shaped beads in Turquoise, Rose Quartz and Lemon Chrysoprase I loved how lightweight they were. Each represents healing, love and relationship health."

~ Amy

I love a little (or a lot) of vintage bohemian glamor. It's reinvented through up-cycled elements in my designs, given new life. My pieces are inspired by ancients, made with love for the future.

~ Amy Delson

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