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Greer - Green Chalcedony Heart Tassel Necklace

A sweet little love necklace with a soft silky tassel in a great length for layering.

Green chalcedony stones counteract negativity and promote harmony. Hematite accents offer grounding.

Length 20"

Crystal encrusted silk tassel 2.5"

Choice of pink or black

Green chalcedony heart beads

Hematite accent beads

Sterling silver easy use clasp

Made with Love tag 

Limited edition

Gift boxed

Tassel Color

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How to care for your necklace:

  • It's a good idea to put jewelry on last, and then take it off first thing
  • Do not wear in water, whether showering or bathing
  • Don't expose to perfume, oil, or lotion
  • Avoid excessive sweat while wearing
  • Store away from moisture
  • Use polishing cloth to restore shine

Alignment and Harmony

Creative Inspiration

"When I found these lovely green chalcedony heart beads I was immediately drawn to their soothing positivity. This stone is known to neutralize negative energy and protect the wearer and their relationships by fostering harmony and balance. Hematite accents ground and shine."

~ Amy

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