• Crystal and Hematite Black Hearts Necklace


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    Four faceted black crystal hearts suspended on necklace of Hematite and Czechoslovakian Glass Beads.


    Made with Love in NYC


    Manifesting spiritual energy into grounded action


    The word comes the Greek word for blood, which is the color of this mineral in its powdered form. Known for its metallic grey color, Hematite is abundantly found as the primary mineral in most deposits of iron ore. It has been found in Brazil and in Michigan, U.S.A.


    This stone is thought to combat confusion and forgetfulness. It aids in bringing thought and experiences to a cohesive, integrated whole. 


    Leaded glass is formed when lead oxide is added to molten glass before it is blown or molded. After hardening, the glassware is often hand or machine cut with facets designed to look like natural crystals.

    Czechoslovakian Glass

    Glass making in the Czech Republic is a historic cottage industry. These glass beads continue to be made by hand today.