• Flourite and Agate Stone Butterfly Beaded Necklace


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    An artful blend of vintage and new beads, wood, ceramic, turquoise, agate and flourite stones accented by silver butterflies and a filigree heart pewter sliding clasp. One-of-a-kind. 

    Approx 28"

    Made with Love in NYC.


    Known for stabilizing, strengthening and grounding


    Agate is a mineral of the Quartz group, and applies to several varieties of banded stone. The word comes from the river Achetes in Sicily, where in ancient times, people found many of these stones. Found to have been used by Egyptians before 3000 B.C., agates have also been used in jewelry in ancient India.


    Mental clarity and improved decision making


    Flourite can be found in a variety of colors, including green, purple, white, yellow, pink and black. The word fluorescent comes from this stone. It is known to clear the atmosphere of cluttered thoughts and confusion. Deposits have been found in Germany, England, China, Argentina and the USA.  


    Expansion of spirit and communication bringing wholeness


    The distinct blue color in Turquoise comes from copper, while the green color derives from iron. This stone is potentially the longest used stone in history, dating back to 5000 B.C. It has been used for everything from jewelry to weapons the name from the French ‘pierre turquoise’ which means Turkish stone.


    Throughout history, turquoise has been discovered in Iraq, Egypt, Israel and Tibet. Native Americans began working with it approximately 1,000 years ago. Today, the best Turquoise comes from Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Australia and Southwest U.S.A.