Cherry and Rose Quartz Bracelet


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Cherry quartz beads surround a faceted rose quartz center. Lobster claw clasp. One-of-a-kind. 

Approx 7.5"

Made with Love in NYC.

Rose Quartz

 Stimulates love, emotional healing and relief of stress.


Ranging in color from very pale to very deep pink, Rose Quartz can look opaque to nearly transparent. You can find it in Madagascar and Brazil, as well as South Dakota, U.S.A.


Family love, self love, and love of partners and friends are manifested with rose quartz. Giving and receiving becomes one, making it a favored talisman and gift. Though associated with gentleness, rose quartz’s strength is not to be underestimated.


Amplification, programmability, cleansing and memory


Its name comes from the Greek word for ‘ice.’ One of the most abundant minerals, quartz crystals can be found on every one of the world’s continents in a wide range of environments. What is fascinating is that Quartz crystal exhibits piezoelectricity, transforming mechanical energy, or pressure, into electromagnetic energy and back. That is why you find it in watches and radios.