Symbolism in Jewelry

Anchor - Symbol of stability and strength

Bird - Bring creativity, imagination and ideas, have been thought to be messengers of the gods, accompanying heroes on quests and bestowing secret advice


Buddha Literally means enlightened one, a knower


Coin - Long history of bringing good luck, the symbol of prosperity and wealth


Cupid - Son of Venus, known as Amor or Eros, god of love. His bow and arrow show one of the deepest forces in nature, love’s ability to disarm even the strong


Dragon - Unites desire and love with movement and freedom


Evil Eye - Eye of, or Divine Providence, represents the Eye of G-d watching over humanity


Fish - Symbolize psychic potential, heighten awareness and unlock the unconscious


Flower - The emblem of Flora, the ancient Italian deity of spring, thought to portray love, beauty, youth, happiness and gaiety


Feather - Brings truth and grants the knowledge of the birds


Hamsa - In all faiths a protective sign. Thought to be the Hand of G-d, It brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune


Heart - Center of happiness, love, passion, understanding, compassion and desire


Moon - Guide to the imagination, grants insight, intuition, perception and pure emotion


Om - The sound of the universe, represented in mind, body and spirit

Snake - Rebirth, transformation, creativity

Star - Magical and inspiring, a spiritual symbol all over the world 

Tree - Transformation, freedom, union, fertility