Amy Delson Jewelry

Frida - Ribbon Cuff

"Inspired by artist Frida Kahlo's surrealist work, I love to mix fantasy with raw organic form. I used the technique of repeated fire and hammering to fold-form and hand sculpt a sheet of metal to wrap around the arm like a fabric ribbon."
                                  - Amy Delson

  • 18k Gold and Sterling Silver plated finishes
  • One size fits most, adjustable
  • Cuff .75" wide
  • Handmade and designed with Love in NYC
  • Stamped with Amy Delson Jewelry logo
  • Polishing Cloth Included

How to Customize and Wear Your Frida Ribbon Cuff

Your Amy Delson Jewelry Frida Ribbon Cuff will arrive in a compact shape, which you can manipulate to make the fit your own. Don’t be afraid to apply force; you can’t break it with your hands!

Step 1: Hold Cuff on either end, pulling apart to expand the coil.

Step 2: Untwist with both hands in opposite directions to unwind

based upon your wrist width.

Step 3: Wind wrist into Cuff by inserting at the center.



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